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Commitment to Quality

Consistent Quality Magnetics by Minntronix, Inc.

Controlled by problem Prevention, Inspection, and Corrective Action


  1. MTX is ISO 9001 certified in the USA and China (QM & QS available to review).
  2. MTX designs magnetics using ‘state of the art’ design tools (120+ years design experience).
  3. MTX provides customers with a print set (with BOM upon request) with physical samples.
  4. MTX provides complete test data on electrical and mechanical parameters on all samples.
  5. MTX provides specific process detail, when needed for process assurance (incl. Equipment).
  6. MTX holds a ‘golden’ sample and print/BOM in US, for products built at our China factory.
  7. MTX provides component supplier traceability, and production yield data upon request.
  8. MTX will not deviate from stated BOM AVL unless approved by our customer.
  9. MTX records test data on 10 labeled pcs. from every production shipment we make.
  10. MTX accepts special control requests, such as samples retested in the USA.


  1. MTX performs 100% testing of all key electrical and mechanical parameters on all pieces.
  2. MTX then performs a quality audit on all shipments using Mil-Std-105D to 0.1% AQL.
  3. MTX establishes sample size for Mil-Std-105D depending on history (starts with highest).
  4. MTX reviews shipment test data from parts built in our China factory, as compared to samples.
  5. MTX accepts special inspection requests.

Corrective Action

  1. If a problem is found with one of our products after it has left our facilities, it becomes our highest priority.
  2. We create a Corrective Action Report that addresses immediate and long-term actions.
  3. We apply technical resources to define the problem, and open up capacity to rework or rebuild.
  4. We work with our customer to learn exactly how they want the problem resolved.
  5. We apply our resources towards our Satisfaction Guaranteed marketing position.
  6. For worst-case scenarios, we maintain Error & Omissions and Product Liability Insurance.


MTX measures PPM and On Time performance as part of our ISO 9001 program. To review this information please request a username and password to access our company presentation.